Tim Paine


I work with shoulders of all kinds and a lot of people for rehab following surgery, whether that's shoulders, knees, hips, whatever! I also partner with competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders to try and achieve their peak.


Tim Paine

I am a tragic Arsenal fan and am currently training as a powerlifter.

Grew up in the central west of NSW in Mudgee. Part of what I love about working in Maitland is having some of that country community and pace to life.

Treatment Philosophy

My real passion is getting everyone out doing what they want to be doing, whether it’s sport, work or fun, the goal is to enjoy life. This comes down to not only doing the work to get back but also having the tools and techniques to prevent having any further setbacks in the future.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (First Class Honours) - University of Newcastle


  • GEMT Dry Needling Level 1,2,3
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Level 2
  • SFMA Level 1

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