HPP Injury Management Principles

Amy Dunne

Don't you hate it when you have had an injury, it feels like it's better and then suddenly it’s back again? It throws your life all out of whack, AGAIN. You can feel like you're on a terrible roller coaster that never ends.

Black and White Roller Coaster

At HPP we work hard to avoid the model that has people coming back over and over again for the same thing. Our aim is to assist in the recovery from injury in the most efficient way possible AND prevent the injury recurring.

We call this model RESET, REINFORCE, RELOAD.

Let’s look at an example. Say you strain that proverbial hamstring...  


We need to reduce your pain and swelling but also keep you moving to promote healing for your injury. We do this by things like ice, compression, elevation and optimal loading. Good acute management sets us up on the path to success. Physiotherapy can include early movement exercises or soft tissue treatments.


Once your pain is down and you're moving more easily we don't want to lose that improvement. We need to reinforce this change to keep you going up and up. This may include providing you with stretches or strength exercises. It could also mean posture changes or exercises that work on optimising how you move.


Your muscle strain might be healed now but that might not stop it happening again!

It's important to go through a program with controlled reloading of the movement or structure to gradually increase what it can handle. We will individualise your program to keep you living your life to the full. If it's sport, work or chasing the kids, we want you out there doing it!

If you want to get off the roller coaster, try giving us a call.

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Rehab is painful and frustrating and exhausting.

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